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Embrace your new life
with the help of
Amy Galan

Mountain Ridge

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing.

Amy owns and operates her psychic business out of her house. Located within the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Green Forest

About Amy

Professional psychic healer 

For over 10 years, Amy Galan has worked as a psychic in New Mexico. She was born with the unique ability to read the emotions of others, and determine the source of the person's suffering. Through a unique healing session, Amy is able to extract suffering from her client. This process can completely rewire the mind and provide true healing. 

You can begin anew. Free from the suffering of trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Don't you want to live a life free from suffering?

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"Amy is the real deal. I never realized how stuck I was until I got a healing from her. She changed my life, and she can change yours too!"

-Garret Williams 

"I was very nervous at first. But Amy was so comforting and compassionate. I got a full healing from her, and it was like I was reborn. Please go book a session with her.

-Jonathan Daniels

"I completely shut down after my husband's death. But Amy gave me the strength to keep going."

-Grace Zemaya

"This is not a joke. Your life will change. Amy can help with whatever you're going through! Why she isn't world famous is baffling to me. 

-Anthony Vammer

"I thought all psychics were just scammers. Amy proved me wrong. She made me realize things I never considered. I ended a toxic and abusive relationship thanks to her."

-Lisa Kopik

"Amy was the most caring and empathetic psychic I've ever been to. I didn't think it was possible to recover from my trauma. But Amy saved me. She literally saved my life. 

-Riley Townsend


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